Some Descendants of John Norton of Branford, 1622 - 1709

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Some Descendants of John Norton of Branford, 1622-1709,. Norton, Walter Whittlesey, 1867-. (1909)The purpose of the Godfrey Memorial Library is to promote the study of family history by:-

Inspiring individuals in all sectors of society to study their heritage and their own place in history.- Supporting educational activities that create enthusiasm for family research.- Making genealogical and historical resources available to all on a national and international level by continuing the expansion, modernization, and distribution of the collection of print, electronic manuscript and other information media as technology develops.Presently, Godfrey Library has approximately 200,000 books and periodicals in its collection including: state and local histories, international resources, family histories, biographies, records by religious organizations, church records, funeral records, cemetery records, military records, maps, etc.From the Godfrey Memorial Library Collection.



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